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We are a Striping Company In Driftwood, TX


A striping company is a business that provides striping services. Striping services are typically used to improve the appearance and meet specific code regulations for asphalt, pavement, and concrete, usually at places of business. Parking lot lines, ADA symbols, and all other markings will fade and need to be re-striped over time. We provide Striping Services in Driftwood and the surrounding areas.


A good striping job can enhance your property's look while ensuring compliance with all code and ADA regulations. Most Insurance companies won't cover your business if your Striping is poorly maintained, which can lead to the business owner being held responsible for accidents. Our company uses high-quality paint and follows the instructions and standards on the label to ensure you have the highest visibility and quality possible.

Why You Should Use Our Striping Service Today?

If your business's parking lot striping is starting to fade, you must act fast. There are many benefits to using a striping company like ours, including:


1. ADA- ADA striping is important in keeping your parking lot up to code and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Fire Marshall will check to ensure you are up to date. In addition, here are a few reasons you should hire us to handle your ADA striping needs.


First, as a professional company, we have the knowledge and experience to stripe your parking lot according to ADA standards properly. We also have the right equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently.


Second, hiring a professional Striping Company shows that you are committed to providing accessible parking for all your customers and employees.


Finally, (add Preparation process) (the existing paint is chipping. We pressure wash all lines and surface area to prepare the surface for striping. We also use a wire brush to remove all the weeds and blow out the debris from the cracks in the asphalt and concrete with a gas blower. By doing this, we create a clean canvas, and the paint for the striping will adhere better and be more visible.


2. Improving safety - well-marked parking lots and walkways can help prevent accidents. A striping company can ensure that your parking lot is safe for employees and customers.


3. Insurance Companies - If your parking lot is not striped correctly and kept up to date, your insurance company may not cover you. Most likely, your insurance rates will skyrocket. Insurance Companies do this because parking lot striping is a code violation and can lead to accidents. If your business happens to be found at fault for an accident, your insurance company may deny your claim.


We Use Quality Paint That's Sure To Last!

Regarding parking lot striping, some companies try to save money by thinning out their paint. Thinning out the paint results in the color fading faster. We don't do that - we follow the paints manufactured instructions. We prefer quality over quantity! You can rest assured that your parking lot will look great for as long as possible.


Regarding parking lot striping, there are a few things you need to consider to get the best results. You must ensure that you use the correct paint and paint mixture for the job. This means using high-quality paint designed specifically for parking lots and other surfaces. Doing this will ensure that your stripes and markings are highly visible and will last a long time.


We Get the Job Done Fast And Efficiently

Our experienced professionals use only the best equipment and materials to ensure that your stripes are applied correctly and look great. Whether you need new stripes or just a touch-up, we're here to help. Check out this article from Wash on How Important Is Parking Lot Striping For A Commercial Establishment?

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